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The Small Steps To Stardom


"Mrs. Carmilla, Broadway's Annie The Musical is hosting auditions in Chicago in 8 days!".

I rushed to inform our HOMD parents of this major opportunity, and last week our HOMD 10-year-old dancer Melanie took the leap of faith with no fright and said;


Melanie's mother gave no hesitation to the buzz with just 8 day's notice, she did whatever it took to get Melanie to Chicago for that audition. That Saturday before the audition I worked with Melanie one-on-one brushing up her interviewing techniques, song selection, stage presence, and skills. I was elated to hear Melanie fit into the height and age category for the audition. Not too many dancers are 10 years-old and under 4'10! Melanie was perfect! She always has such a bright smile and happy personality when she comes to dance. That Saturday Melanie left with more confidence and excitement to audition.

Thursday Melanie's mother called me and said,

"Mrs. Carmilla, we wont be coming to dance this Saturday because we're on our way to Chicago!".

That was the best news I've heard all year! These are the moments I live for! We all wished Melanie luck at dance that Saturday and waited to hear the news on her return.

Once Saturday evening rolled by and I heard no news I knew it was ether one of two results. One being Melanie did not get the gig, or two Melanie and her family were so excited they didn't have no time to call! Sunday went and came and I knew the results. That Monday Melanie's mother gave me call and informed me that Melanie did not get the gig.

Did that Break Melanie? Did Melanie give up on dance? Did Melanie want to quit pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress and dancer? HECK NO! Melanie understood this was a great learning experience and the small step that will take her to stardom one of these auditions! Her mother and I reflected and agreed it was a wonderful opportunity! At Dance yesterday (the following Saturday) Melanie and I laughed and talked about what it looked like and how fun Chicago was! Melanie is eager to go on another audition!

This experience has inspired our summer 2023 theatre and dance camps 100%. I'm so proud of Melanie and her taking this small step because that big courage will have her on giant stages reaping stardom throughout this world! YOU GO GIRL!

-Mrs. Carmilla

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