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Our Moments Are Like No Other Studio's Moments

From September to June we laugh, bond, and rarely ever cry. One thing we've never done was walked out. I'm so grateful to have students who love to be HOMD Family! As I recap our season which is coming to a quick end "Boy we've really had some fun times this year".

From Gabi bringing hermit crabs from Huston to dance, Magnolia bringing baby dolls, Harmony with her purse full of random items, London and her 82 gymnastic metals, Dejah and her super cool crocks and hairstyles, Le'la and her dance bag will a million clothes in it lol, Raven and her 82 bracelets I want, Aria and her arts and crafts I love, Elin and Kalysse trying to prank me every week, Ineye knowing the dance after two tries and never forgetting a move, Elora jumping right in as if she's been here the entire year, Daisa and her cool finger nails, the discovery of Kaleigh's waist beads I said she has to take off lol, the dogs in the building that love us dearly, to us making plans to keep the bullies away and get straight A's. What tops the cake are the Tik Tok we did that I didn't discovered had curse words in them until weeks and hundreds of views later lol what was up with my ears?!

Those were just a couple moments that don't even touch the Halloween party, birthdays, events, Tina, the never ending fight of whose turn it is to press the elevator buttons, and all of the personals moments we've shared together.

We've had so many amazing opportunities I can't wait to see what next season will bring! Tickets for our showcase are now available for purchase on our website. Come see all their hard work pay off on stage June 3rd. Our showcase is open to the public and all are welcome! See you soon!

May 11, 2023

Mrs. Carmilla

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOMD! The Instructor and owner Carmilla is AMAZING! Her organization HOMD is so necessary for our community. I appreciate this platform and how it provides opportunities for cultivating and development of your gifts and talents. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!

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