House Of Modern Dance and House Of Theatre was founded early March 2020 right before the pandemic. Despite all odds against opening due to Covid-19 and the terrible tragedy of George Floyd causing great separation in our community, we seen an even more need for our services. As situations like so are in direct alignment impacting our mission statement. So we risked it all and OPENED OUR DOORS AS PLANNED.

Focused on Growth and Performance House Of Modern Dance offers the longest sessions in Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Interpretive Movement. Providing Core Training, Technique, Skill-Set, and Strength Building we build the confidence you need to become the professional you desire!

Focused on Growth and Performance House Of Theatre offers fun and creative Improv techniques that will help develop a positive quick communication skill-set, build creative thinking skills, as well as build the skill-set of becoming a more diverse actor/actress. 



Minnesota born and raised professional choreographer since age 15 with 20 years experience. Ex Background dancer for Dance Lab and MN Finest. Dancing on many of stages across the U.S Ms. Carmilla has even graced the stage with Prince. Perpich School for Performing Art's graduate, theatre training from Concordia College, A.S Business and Management, currently finishing two B.A's in Business and Marketing and Business and Administration from M.S.U. 

Ms. Carmilla R. Peterson

Founder/Artistic Director/Choreographer

House Of Modern Dance and House Of Theatre has been a Spot light in The Spokesmen Recorder Newspaper as well as featured in the Star and Tribune. Two of our programs adopted by Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. HOMD is a two time Mpls and Neon grant winner and nominated to compete in the Hulu Tv Series Small Business Revolution. 

Thank you to all of our support! We deeply appreciate the love from our neighbors and State as we proceed to bonding our communities through creativity, respect, love, and most of all positive healthy living.