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About Us

Focused on growth and performance!

Established in early March 2020, right before the onset of the pandemic, Home of Movement and Dance (HOMD) defied all odds to open its doors amidst the challenging circumstances caused by Covid-19 and the tragic events surrounding George Floyd. Despite these obstacles, we recognized an even greater need for our services and decided to take the risk.

At HOMD, our primary goal is to foster growth and performance in our students. We are dedicated to elevating their skills, boosting their confidence, and shaping them into the future leaders of their respective fields.Our commitment to excellence and community engagement has earned us recognition from various esteemed publications. HOMD has been featured in The MN Spokesman Recorder News Paper and the Star and Tribune News Paper. Additionally, two of our programs have been adopted by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, solidifying our impact on a broader scale. We are proud recipients of the Minneapolis and Neon grants, acknowledging our dedication to innovation and community outreach. Furthermore, our dedication and achievements led to a nomination to compete in Hulu's TV series Small Business Resolution.

We actively participate in significant community events, such as Juneteenth celebration, where we contributed our talent and passion to the festivities. Notably, HOMD made history as the first dance and theatre company to sponsor a day of healing through our annual community event, "Healing With Dance," aimed at promoting restoration within our community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community and the state of Minnesota for the overwhelming support we have received. Your love and encouragement have fueled our determination to bridge the economic gap in fine arts. We approach this mission with unwavering positivity, creativity, respect, and love for all.As we continue on this remarkable journey, we remain committed to making a lasting impact, transforming lives, and creating a brighter future through the power of movement and dance.

Meet The Team

Mrs. Carmilla

Mrs. Carmilla R. Bobmanuel


Mrs. Carmilla, a Minnesota native, is a professional dancer and choreographer with over twenty years of experience. Teaching Since the age of fifteen, dancing since the age of nine, she has been captivating audiences with her exceptional talent. In her twenties, Mrs. Carmilla's began her journey as a background dancer for Dance Lab and MN Finest, performing on numerous stages throughout the United States. Notably, she had the privilege of sharing the stage with the iconic Prince.

In addition to her dance career, Mrs. Carmilla has explored various artistic avenues. She has acted in three professional movies and even enjoyed a stint as a professional pop singer. Her diverse artistic background has enriched her creative vision and shaped her unique perspective.

While honing her craft, Mrs. Carmilla pursued formal education in multiple disciplines. She studied dance at the prestigious Perpich School of Performing Arts and furthered her training in theatre at Concordia College. Building upon her artistic foundation, she also earned two Bachelor's of Science degrees in Business and Marketing, & Business and Administration, from Metropolitan State University as well as an A.S. in Business and Management, from the University Of Phoenix. Mrs. Carmilla is recognized as an honor student of excellence and was granted a life-time member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. 

Aside from her achievements in the performing arts, Mrs. Carmilla is a published author, with her book "Girl Get Out Your Feelings" available on Amazon. Through her writing, she shares empowering messages and insights, aiming to inspire and uplift others.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Carmilla has been dedicated to teaching and mentoring students of all ages, ranging from three to seventy-two. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the principles of love, unity, and the celebration of diverse cultures within our communities. By leveraging the power of performing arts, Mrs. Carmilla strives to create a platform that unites individuals from all backgrounds on a single stage.

With her rich background, exceptional talent, and unwavering passion, Mrs. Carmilla continues to make a significant impact in the world of performing arts while embracing her business acumen to pave new avenues for artistic expression and cultural unity.

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